When a man does not want a child with a woman

He is a handsome, tall, successful business man. He communicated with her via social media for about two months. She invited him out and told him to meet her at her hotel room. They had sex the very first time they met. They both did not use any protection. He described her as an “average, not at all pretty, who was good in bed.” They had sex again, and again.... Fast forward to a few months later, she showed up at his workplace and told him she was pregnant. He told her to go look for the real father or to get an abortion. She is flabbergasted. WHY, he asked? 1–Why should he have to take care of a child he never wanted to begin with. WHY?

2– Women can get an abortion if they want to. Men can’t demand one? WHY? 3–Women in Florida can per safe haven laws abandon their unharmed child up to seven day old to a fire station, an emergency medical services station or a hospital without fear of prosecution. But men can’t abandon their children. WHY? 4- Men have no options at all in this scenario. He should have used protection? she should have just enjoyed the moment? WHY?

5--STD, anyone; not a concern? WHY?

When a man does NOT want to have a child with a woman, the one person whose life will forever change is that of the mother.

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