Today I had the pleasure of attending the Professional Women’s Council Luncheon by Aventura Marketing Council Chamber of Commerce. I was approached by two gentlemen, a doctor and a pilot, who wanted to pick my brain as a divorce attorney and a life coach.

The doctor had been in a relationship with a woman for three years and she has a son who just turned 17. She bought him a new car; he wrecked the car two months later. She bought him another car, and, again, got into a car accident. The doctor has everybody on his insurance; so, at this point, he’s very concerned about liability and his credit. Furthermore, the son is not going to school nor working....

The pilot has been dating this woman for about 26 months. She has a daughter who is 9 years old. She just got her child the latest iPhone because her dad got her one. In their household, it’s one purchase after another because the competition between her and her ex is fierce and constant....

In both households, the men make more than these women.

They are thinking of calling it quits because they do not see a bright future with these women or a comfortable life where they can acquire real properties, invest in their retirement, being able to travel the world or take two vacations a year....

It is OK to spoil your children once in a while, but what are you teaching them?

No child has become a strong, independent, and productive member of our society by being spoiled rotten. On the other hand, teaching a child the value of a dollar, teaching them about financial freedom can guarantee you that you will be raising a millionaire or a ....

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