WHO IS SHE? a tenant with benefit, a life partner, or a wife to be?

Her boyfriend asks her to move in his beautiful home. She’s excited; the relationship is moving forward, to the next level. They share everything, including his mortgage payments; after all she is an independent woman. Then, the “unthinkable” happens, after five years together, It is over. Out she goes.

What does she have to show for the past five years? Well, She is older, a little curvier, wiser, maybe? He, on the other hand, has a bigger retirement form all the money he saved when she shared his household expenses, large equity on HIS home, and the list goes on....

Moving together is great but have a timeline/deadline if you want to be married and let him know. If you just want to be a life partner, are you investing in your own retirement?are you acquiring your own real property or

investing in your own retirement? are you acquiring your own real property or together? There is more....

What is YOUR vision for YOUR life?

I am right here for you as your coach or your family attorney

Stay strong beautiful😘

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