Is he your boyfriend or not?

This beautiful couple walked into my law firm and she said: “my boyfriend wants a divorce but his wife refuses to give him one.” He had that look that I have seen many times before, from men who have absolutely no intention of leaving their wives. His answers to my questions further confirmed my first impression of him.

In the end, he did not go through with the divorce. His wife forgave him and they are back together. The “girlfriend” came back to see me to represent her in a paternity case against Mr. Husband. I could not as he was and is my client.

After more than 20 years as a family law attorney, it behooves me all the more to see to it that more women are not duped by these men. However, is Mr. Husband really at fault?


2—In Florida and many other states, a wife can not block her husband from divorcing her. He is lying to you when he says so.

3— If he says they are separated, then ask him for court documents that show that he started the divorce process and it is moving through the system.

4—No matter how great or flexible you are in the sack, there are others better than you. Your sex is not enough to make a man leave his wife.

5— Having a child to trap him does NOT work either;you are just going to learn the hard way. Being a single mother is not easy.

Your favorite divorce attorney and Life Coach!

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