For the past 20 years I have enjoyed being a family law attorney, representing and talking to many spouses, lovers, mistresses, single mothers, good parents, or bad parents. In the process, I have found myself guiding many not only through the legal, but also through the financial, and the emotional issues of a divorce. Thus, I became a certified divorce coach.

There is a plethora of other issues that come after a divorce or a break up and basically during one’s lifetime. I have had the pleasure of helping women decipher those issues. That propelled me to become a life coach as well.

I look forward to helping many more in their journey, to find peace of mind, save time and money, or to make their best decisions for their lives and that and that of their families.When life challenges you, and it certainly will, let me as a divorce attorney, or as a divorce coach and my 20 years of experience dealing with family issues help you.

You are not alone.

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