Are married parents in a better position in family court than a single parent?

Ludacris, and his new bride, Eudoxie, had been dating since 2009, before getting married at the end of year 2014. We wish them happiness and a wonderful lifetime together. Tamika Fuller, with whom Ludacris had a child, is alleging that he got married so quickly in order to gain full custody of their child. This brought up a very important question: Are married parents in a better position in family court than a single parent? In the state of Florida, the law has distinguished between married parents and unmarried parents, namely, unmarried parents have to establish their rights through what we call a paternity lawsuit. On the other hand, a child born of a marriage is considered to be the child of both parents, but if he/she is found to be an extramarital affair child then paternity can be disestablished. That is however, another topic for another post. In determining time-sharing issues previously called custody matter, the Florida courts will look at what is in the best interest of the child and that is accomplished in part by considering the factors set forth in Florida Statute 61. 13, not whether you are single or married. Thus, no parent is seen as a better parent than the other. Mother is not seeing as a better caretaker than a father. Years ago, Florida courts favored mothers when taking care of children in their "tender years." However, this has since been abolished. All parents should appreciate the fact that Florida Law favors a child being raised by both parents, what we called shared parental responsibility. As you have rights as a parent, you also have responsibilities. As you fight for your rights as a parent so should you be held accountable for failing to be a responsible parent. So, it is pretty simple, be the very best responsible parent that you can be for your child as he/she deserves nothing less. Questions on #FamilyLaw or #Divorce? Ask Attorney Thomas Read the full story:

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