First week of January 2015, new law in the State of Florida: same sex couples are permitted to Wed. Thus, marriage is no longer strictly between a man and a woman, but simply between two individuals.

Same sex and opposite sex couples shall be treated equally. They all shall enjoy the benefits, such as a family health insurance plan and retirement, to name a few, that were previously guaranteed to opposite- sex couples only.

For those same-sex couples with assets, they may want to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement. Most of us, if not all of us wed with the desire and hope that it will last forever, however, some unfortunately will end up in divorce, and if so, same-sex couples can now obtain a divorce in the state of Florida.

This law has angered many who think that this issue should have been decided by the voters and not the courts. Others believe that God made no mistake and marriage is between a man and a woman.

Proponents of the law, on the other hand, were quick to remind the former group that many rights were decided by the courts and not voters. As to the Bible, this good old book, one may recall that, it dictated how slaves should be treated signaling that it condoned slavery. Furthermore, many of us if not all of us know someone who violate the 10th commandments or othet doctrines of the Bible: ex, You shall not commit adultery, honor your parents, you shall not steal, you shall not fornicate....

In all fairness, one can admit that we are all sinners. Although we may repent, often we commit the same sin or another within a very short period of time. God is the only judge and when our time comes and we appear before him, each of us will be given the reward or the punishment we truly deserve.

For now this is the rule of law in the State of Florida and we must all respect it.

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