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Child Support


If you are a parent going through a divorce or a paternity case,  child support is an issue you must deal with.  Sooner or later, you will either need to receive or to pay child support.  We are here to ensure you pay the correct amount or receive what you deserve.




Are you a Father without any legal right ?  Well, if you are, then you must begin a Paternity action which will give you rights and benefits.  We are here for you as we believe each child deserves a legal father who will provide for him/her financially and emotionally.


Family Law-Divorce


Divorce is difficult on everyone involved.  You have a family unit that is now being severed.  You are now forced to defend your  position on many issues : religion, education, time sharing/visitiation, distribution of debts and assets, education, religion and much more. 


The process worsens when you find yourself watching the intimacies of your life being discussed in open court before complete strangers; these are truly tough times.  We are here to guide you in making these important decisions that will affect your life for many years to come.



Mediation is often used in the divorce process as a way of resolving disputes between you and your spouse with regards to your children, debts and assets.  This is a great tool to use in your case as it is the one time where the two of you will get a chance to reach an agreement that is best for your family under these circumstances.  Otherswise, a judge, a stranger to your life, an impartial third party, will order you to do what he or she believes is best for YOUR family. Take control now and let us mediate your divorce case. 

Step-Parent Adoption


What a beautiful solution to what can be a devastating problem to many : provide a loving home to a child in need.  Other times, many women and men are giving love a second chance and find themselves wanting to formalize and legalize their family unit. We love guiding you through this process as the ultimate result of an adoption warms our hearts. 



After 20 years of being a divorce attorney, I decided to become a certified divorce coach and a life coach; So whether you are being tested by life,  whether you are going through a divorce, have many questions with no answer, overwhelmed at this time, or need guidance, I want to be your COACH